Mindfulness Life Coaching

with Venture Beyond

Yoga, Meditation and Hiking

We will leverage yoga, meditation, and hiking as a stand alone experience or in conjunction with traditional coaching, which will enable us to go deeper in a shorter period of time.


Below you will find tools to support you in getting out of your head and into your body. These techniques are excellent for grounding and connecting to yourself. I offer a variety of free and paid resources. Of the complementary resources, the audio recording of the yogic breath is a wonderful tool for calming the nerves and will deepen your natural breathing patterns over time. I offer a meditation series for purchase, which will support you in moving with & through your current reality as well as coming home to your center. Please enjoy these meditations, videos and guided breathing exercise audio recording!

Resources Available for Purchase

  • Set of 7 Audio Recordings

    1. Moving Through the Death Rebirth Cycle

    2. Venture Into Your Heart Space

    3. Bringing Parts of You Home

    4. Calming Meditative Breath

    5. Expanding Beyond the Framework of Your Body

    6. Dropping into Gratitude in the Here and Now

    7. Tuning into Your Body to Notice the Truth of What’s Present

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Complimentary Resources

Yogic Breath Audio Exercise

Get out of your head and into your body

Mindfulness Offerings for Individuals and Groups

Testimonials from Mindfulness Life Coaching Clients

Mindfulness in a Corporate Setting

Prior to founding Venture Beyond, Jenna gained 7+ years of corporate experience in human resource consulting, change management, sustainable management practices, LEAN, and continuous improvement. This, in addition to receiving a Master’s degree from Columbia University in Social Organizational Psychology gives Jenna a unique gift in bringing mindfulness to the workplace in a way that meets organizations where they are. Jenna would be honored to share the magic of mindfulness so that it can be received and enjoyed by your organizational culture.

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