Private Yin Yoga Class

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60 Minutes
Virtual Sessions or In Person (Denver, CO)

Yin yoga is a practice of surrender. A practice of divine feminine strength, the ability to melt into discomfort to come out the other side. I am inviting you to practice together, sitting with discomforted in a supported way so that when life doesn’t go according to plan, you can leverage the sweet skill of surrender and acceptance instead of “pushing through” at your own expense.

Session Pricing: $85

Live in harmony with the way and you will benefit. Struggle against the way things are and you will suffer.” – Bernie Clark

Get out of your mind and into your body

The hour session is a microcosm for life, it is an opportunity to plan seeds of nourishment and practice surrendering so that during the ceremony that is life you can respond from a pure grounded place of truth. We will start with some breathing exercises, followed by some yin yoga poses, and end in shavasana.

You will leave our session more relaxed, grounded, and connected to yourself. I teach in a very meditative way, supporting you in gaining awareness into what parts of your body hold tension and noticing the relationship you have with your thought patterns. You will gain new insight into yourself that you can take without outside of the session and integrate into your life!

 “Our goal in life is not to become perfect: our goal is to become whole.” – Bernie Clark