Meet Jenna – A Life Coach Living Outside of the Box

I have been challenged to navigate life’s many unexpected transitions, but by showing up for myself and doing the work, I tapped into a fountain of strength, energy, and truth within. This gave me the courage to quit my job after 7 years in corporate america, sell all my things and travel the world alone. I was in search something more. Through this period of reflection, simply being with myself, meditation, yoga, plant diets, and coaching, I have found a way to live my truth.

I choose joy. I choose my passion. I choose to live an aligned life. I choose to manifest my dreams. I choose to take risks. I choose discomfort because I have faith I will get to the other side.

My mission is for people to experience connection and freedom.

My hope is that after working with me you will feel more connected to yourself, others and gain clarity on how your perspective influences your reality. I know from experience that unlocking new awareness leads to a fulfilling, joyous, free flowing, and purpose aligned life.

I Believe the Only Way to Lead is by Example.

Navigating Life Transitions

I know what it’s like to start over. I know how it feels to let go of parts of my identity that I was once so attached to. It was not easy, by any means, but these experiences were gifts that forced me to ground deeper into myself. The world around us is constantly changing and I have learned firsthand that where we live from makes all the difference.

A Unique Perspective for the Unpredictable

Starting at a very young age, I learned to navigate uncomfortable, unpredictable situations that were out of my control. At the age of 7, I moved with my family from France to the United States and the transition was incredibly difficult. It has no doubt shaped who I am. To further add to the complexity, I grew up with an autistic sister (LOVE HER) which presented complex challenges that gifted me with a unique perspective on handling the unpredictable.

I have lived amongst different cultures around the world, spending the most time in France, the USA, Spain and Peru. In the USA, I have lived and traveled all over the country. I have moved for school, jobs, love, and just because I wanted to (which is how I landed in Colorado!). I have learned to find community and make a home wherever I go, and it has given me confidence I need to live my truth and seek freedom wherever and however I choose.

A Personal Struggle with Love and Identity

I’m all about transparency and truth – so here’s a part of my life that was uncomfortable but significant: I spent 8 years in a relationship that ended due to the discovery of a sex and pornography addiction. Needless to say my identity was completely shaken. I didn’t know how to “do life” without this person. When I left him, I took small steps where I practiced showing up for myself moment by moment. I gave myself what I needed in the form of mantras. I started practicing yoga and I remember saying to myself, “I love you Jenna, I will never leave you Jenna.” I had no idea how powerful those words were. That’s when I started the journey of becoming whole – of showing up for myself when I needed it the most.

I evaluated what I cared about, who I was outside of that relationship, and what kind of life I wanted to create for myself. I really woke up to the truth.

I realized that I was in charge of my decisions. That I have a choice every moment. I started to realize that I can create anything I want as long as I am willing to put in the work to get there. This was a huge breakthrough for me. I began stepping into my power and into my journey to freedom, surrender, and peace of mind. ventured beyond my reality as it was because I wanted more. I wanted to dream bigger. It felt so good to start expanding. Taking up space.

Seeking Success in the Corporate World

By nature, I am a hard worker. By nurture, I am inclined toward success. And so, for more than 7 years, I worked diligently in HR Strategy, Consulting, & Coaching at Liberty Mutual climbing the corporate ladder while also achieving a Master’s degree at Columbia University in Social Organizational Psychology. My degree specialized in change management and consultation. I learned to understand the complexity of change at the individual, group, and organizational levels.

But as I began evaluating how I was spending my time, I really started to question what I was doing for 70% of my waking hours Monday through Friday. As much as I enjoyed aspects of my job, I realized I didn’t want my life to be a series of promotions. So I decided to quit my job and travel the world. I saved up for over a year, gave 3 months notice, and set off on what was meant to be a 6 month solo backpacking trip around Asia.

Life is a Journey, and so, I Go

I met so many incredible souls and spent so much quality time with myself when I set off on my solo journey. I started hiking a lot and did a 16 day solo hike in Nepal. I became a Vipassana mediator, went on my first 10 day silent retreat. Lived in an ashram for a month in India, got my yoga teacher certification.

Fast forward, a year and eight countries later I found myself teaching Yin Yoga and Meditation at the Temple of the Way of Light, an Ayahuasca Center in the Amazon Jungle of Peru. That experience and everything leading up to it changed my life. I was given the gift of understanding that most things don’t matter. And I mean that in the most liberating and inspiring way. I am so grateful for this knowing. While working at the Temple I had the priviledge of supporting guests connect with their body’s before working with plant medicine. It was and continues to be an incredible honor supporting guests through their deep personal work. It only solidified my calling to support people in coming home to themselves.

Now, I Can Lead by Example

I am committed to helping myself and others gain clarity by breaking through limiting beliefs, the stories we tell ourselves, and our rationalizing justifications to ultimately embody and expand into our personal power, allowing the beauty that’s always been there to emerge.

I have done and continue to do deep personal work through many modalities such as therapy, coaching, yoga, meditation, and working with plant medicine. I believe we make the world a better place by doing our own work and radiating it out.

All we have to do is show up as ourselves, for ourselves, and dance with life. It simply wants to play.

My Team

Doing My Own Work

I’m doing my own work too. I have learned first hand that I cannot be a facilitator without being a participant, a teacher without being a student, a coach without being a coachee. Here is my incredible team that supports me, so that I can show up fully for you.

Rachel Paula Shapiro

Therapeutic Coach & Psychotherapist

I create sacred space to support clients in a transformative deep dive of self exploration and actualization.

Corinne Conry

Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Corinne, MSOM, LAc is a steady and compassionate companion along your healing journey through the use of acupuncture, herbal medicine, sound healing, and more for physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Bruna Maia


Astrology readings that help you further explore your path (these include Natal Chart, Solar Return, and Year Ahead readings), and Dream Circles that help you connect with your unconscious wise self.

Bonnie Bliss

Somatic Sexologist & Pleasure Educator

Female pleasure specialist, Bonnie Bliss, is the founder of Yoni Club – a 3 month program supporting women to release patterns of numbness, shame and disconnection and expand their pleasure potential.

Giuliana Davar

Dreaming Guide

Giuliana Davar is a conscious dreaming guide helping you activate the power of dreaming through community dream circles, one-on-one dreamworking sessions, and the beloved Dream Weave program.

Walk the Path that is True to You.