3 Month Coaching Package (6 Sessions)

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60 minute sessions
Virtual or In Person (Denver, CO)

Is there a deep knowing inside of you, that there is more to life than your current reality? Do you have a desire to know yourself more intimately? What would it look like to live life more fully?

Join me for a complimentary session to see if transformational coaching is right for you and if we are a good fit. In the 3 month coaching package, we will use 1:1 conversations to explore your current life situation and identify a path to inspire, guide, and create change that aligned with the life you’d like to manifest.

Session Pricing: $150 per session

If someone were to ask me “What is coaching with Jenna like?” The best way that I can explain it is this: Jenna helps to hold up the mirror so that you can see what’s happening inside you and around you. She provides an amazingly supportive and indescribable energy that makes you feel safe to open up and explore what’s there- good, bad, scary, whatever. I would recommend coaching to those that are lost, those that think they’ve got it all figured out, and everyone in-between. At the end of my 3 month coaching session with Jenna, I feel less afraid of my thoughts of myself, less afraid of the thoughts of other people, and I am less reactive when I’m in uncomfortable situations. I’m grateful for the experience and the growth. Thank you Jenna for all that you do.”

– Vickie (3 month coaching package, 2020)

An Experience of Coming Home to Yourself 

During 3 months of coaching, you will begin to explore your inner truth, identity, clarify your aspirations, and recognize your struggles and restraints. We will go on a journey of exploring your humanity and in the process you will gain greater awareness into your thoughts, beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors. You will gain new sight and that will create the possibility for change. This is a journey towards acceptance, peace, and living a fully alive and aligned life.

Practically speaking we will meet 6 times over the course of 3 months, approx once every two weeks. Our sessions will take place virtually or in person (Denver residents). Email and text support is provided between sessions.

*For all packages, money should never be a barrier. Please contact me to discuss your situation.

 “ I thank Jenna for modeling a different type of divine feminine leadership, one that inspired me to uncover and believe in my own divine feminine identity. Looking back, I know that her coaching unlocked major pieces that even my most diligent mind would not have noticed alone. Now, I am honored to say that she was a powerful agent in the blossoming of my True Heart.”Laila Staudinger (3 month coaching package, 2020)