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Grow your Container, Expand your Boundaries

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It’s interesting because I’ve always thought of boundaries as a way to keep people out or as a way to create separation. What I have come to learn and continue to learn are that boundaries are an entryway into expansion and growth.

When I was thinking about boundaries I was making it about other people. My lens was external instead of thinking about boundaries in relation to myself. Boundaries are a way to create a container to hold yourself. This container like a mother’s womb growing baby is sacred. What you intentionally bring into container, allow in, or gets in has a tremendous impact. Treating yourself with the same sacredness, care, and love has a direct impact on your growth.

Just like a plant. When it gets sick or you want to support its growth you explore its relationship to factors such as water, sun, soil, placement, and if it’s in a pot, the size of the container. What is the purpose of putting a plant in a pot? It is a way to control factors that could impact into growth during a vulnerable time. Sometimes a plant outgrows its container and needs to be replanted so it doesn’t suffocate. Once a plant grows enough roots, you might replant it in the garden where there is no container. This analogy can be applied to our process of coming into ourselves. In this journey of self discovery, in order to become rooted in yourself creating a safe container to explore might be just what you need.

What is currently in your container that doesn’t serve you? What do you need more of so that you can flourish?


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